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Why choose me? — Design by Kieran
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Why choose me?

freelancer I'm a freelancer.

What's the difference between a freelance designer and a design company? One of the main advantages is the cost. I work independantly of any companies and I work at home. This means I have no overhead costs, whereas a company will usually have offices, other design staff, rents and so on - which ultimately results in a higher cost.

When it comes down to it, many companies actually outsource their work directly to freelance designers anyway. This can cause communication delays, and you may be dealing with multiple people at the same time to get just one thing done. Sticking with one freelancer will ensure this doesn't happen.

idea I'm young.

This reason may or may not be very important, but it has a place in the list. Being young, I have new and innovative ideas. I am young enough to have grown up with the internet but I am also (just about) old enough to have witnessed bad design. This means I know what makes a great website.

technology Passion for technology.

Like above, I have also grown up with computers and technology in general. When I was 16 I built my first PC from scratch - needless to say, it worked the first time it was turned on. I have since been changing and upgrading parts, helping friends and family with advice on what to look for when buying a computer and so on. The same goes for mobile phones and pretty much anything consumer electronic.

This means I have a natural connection with technology and shows that I can give you your dream website.

lock Reliability, honesty and confidentiality.

There are absolutely no hidden charges when it comes to any of the services I offer. I can always be depended on to get the job done on time. Of course, I do ask for the same thing in return as regards getting the required information about your business to set up the website. I can also guarantee that any communication between us will be kept private.

award Awards and nominations.

As mentioned elsewhere on the website, I have received awards for my work on several occasions. I was also recently nominated for Web Designer of the Year at the Student Media Awards (Smedias), held in Dublin on April 26 2012.

You can see all the awards I've received on the About Me page.