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Portfolio of Work — Design by Kieran
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Portfolio of Work


Skeheenarinky Community Alert

Logo for Skeheenarinky Community Alert group, which was created to help keep rural Ireland safer.
Type: Logo Design — Status: Completed
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Kilbehenny CC Fundraiser

An online registration website for Kilbehenny Cycling Clubs upcoming fundraising cycle. PayPal integration is used to allow people to register and pay online ahead of the cycle.
Type: Website Design — Status: Completed
Features: Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, PayPal
Link to project: Visit the Site

Kilbehenny CC Routes List

An interactive website which shows a list of cycle routes which can be viewed and printed dynamically.
Type: Web Development — Status: Completed
Features: AJAX, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, jQuery
Link to project: Visit the Site

ktulu Youtube Background

YouTube background for a new Machinima gamingĀ  partner.
Type: YouTube Background — Status: Completed
Features: YouTube
Link to project: Visit the Site